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Polybutylene Repiping

We know that even high-quality pipes will rust and deteriorate over time, which means that eventually, you’ll need a plumber to pipe and re-pipe your home. Pipes that break down and rust can cause leaks and flooding, and that can cause significant damage to your home. The only way to prevent this from happening is to have a trusted plumber inspect and repair your pipes regularly.

Polybutylene is a polymer based plastic piping found to deteriorate to the point of premature failure, causing expensive damage to a

home or building. It has such a hazardous history it is outlawed in all fifty states. Florida unfortunately was a state with a lot of use, putting many people’s homes at risk. Your best option is to consider re-piping as soon as possible. Our certified plumbing technicians can come and inspect your home to determine if polybutylene will be a danger in your home. Repiping an entire house can be a large job but replacing polybutylene can save your property from extensive damage.

Signs You Need a plumber to look at your piping

  • Discolored water: This is a sign of pipe corrosion
  • Discolor stains in toilets: This is a sign of discolored water and corrosion
  • Visible flakes in water: This is a sign of rust and pipe breakdown
  • Low water pressure: This is a sign that there is buildup in the pipe system

We’re also experts in replacing old copper and galvanized steel pipes, and giving your plumbing system a complete overhaul. Old pipes are at an increased risk of leaking and causing damage to your home, so don’t delay replacing your pipes.

Our professional staff is dedicated to providing the best service for you. Unlike other plumbing, we don’t try to upsell you or try to keep you in the dark about what you actually need done.When we find a problem, we will let you know right away. We leave the decisions up to you, and let you make the final decision. It is your home after all!

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