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Leak Detection and Repair Services

Are you confused or upset by an unexpectedly high water bill? Do you hear water running in your walls without any explanation? These are some tell-tale signs that leak detection service may be needed. Water dripping from plumbing is one of the most common plumbing conditions that can cause extreme damage, and pinpointing the exact place with leak detection equipment may help!

Tools Used For Water Leak Detection

  • Visual inspection and walkthrough of the property to look and listen for clues
  • Pressure testing that allows us to see if there is an issue in your pressurized system
  • Moisture testing that checks for dampness in places that should be dry
  • Electronic leak detection when needed

Our technicians are also equipped with the tools that allow us to eliminate false leads and help us to pinpoint the exact place where the issue is occurring.

Bathroom issues can cause cracked tiles, rotten subfloor, wall damage. Leaks in your sinks can rot the cabinetry, floor, and the framing around the sink. Don’t allow this damage to happen to you. When you call a True-Pro expert, you can be assured that all of these problems can be fixed.

Signs You Need To Call A Plumber

  • Puddles
  • Dampness or stains
  • Stuffy odor
  • Damaged flooring
  • Unexplainably high water bills
  • Water collecting around water heaters
  • Water stains or mold on walls or ceilings

Detecting Leaks With Professional Equipment and Service

It is important to perform leak detection techniques in the right manner in order to fix the issue thoroughly so that it does not persist for long duration. The most important part about leak detection is that the problem is indicated and fixed, if the leak detection is performed correctly and doesn’t persists we reduce the possibilities of mold, additional damage within your home and other poor living conditions. The True-Pros has invested into high quality leak detection software and leak detection equipment in order to serve the community in the right manner, while reducing potential in home threats to your and your family we make sure that the job is done in the most effective way.

Where Do Leaks Form?

We tend to follow a multi-step process when conducting leak detection, beginning with where is the leak detection indicated, how can we fix it from happening again and why did this happen to future proof the issue from occurring again or to indicate if the problem will persist in other areas of piping. These types of problems happen over time as plumbing wears with constant flow, but our leak detection process helps indicate all issues and causes.

Wy Do Leaks Happen?

Water tends to travel to the point of least resistance no matter what environment it’s in. With this in mind, when water is traveling through out the plumbing of your house we tend to start our leak detection process where there are jointed areas, pressure altering areas or any other areas where piping is joined together. Leak detection can be a tedious process, but it is easily determined with the use of leak detection equipment, particularly electronic leak detection equipment that each technician has been fully trained to perform.

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